Don’t take my word for it

Don’t take my word for it

Publication date is now just a few days away and so naturally I’m getting a bit excited, but rather than me go on (and on) about the book, I thought it might be better to let you hear what some early readers thought.

“An Aesop for marketers.  Goes to show that every brand should have at least one great story to tell’ Paul Sweeney : Head of Brand Paddy Power

“A great book. It goes to show that the best brands are often built on simple but honest values” Nick Jenkins : founder of Moonpig

‘Giles is truly the bard of brands. His business insight shines through in this new collection of marketing maxims as does his passion to pass on the accumulated wisdom of a life steeped in brands and branding.’ Tim Kaner : Director of marketing and communications University of Bath

“Giles’ observations are interesting, precise, assertive, and funny yet still leave a lot for your own imagination to fill, just as any good story should.” Marcelo Amstalden Möller :Head of Global CMI – Innovation & Global Brands Heineken B.V.


“The Prisoner is Terry Waite. The Penguin is the brand that markets the books. The Penguin engineers the value of the books through quality, attention to detail, commitment indeed to The Prisoner, i.e. the consumer. Giles Lury in his latest book has written this and 75 other very short (marketing) stories. They will go viral.” Professor Scott Lash, Director, Centre for Cultural Studies, Goldsmiths, University of London

“A fascinating piece of brand archaeology and storytelling with morals that are powerful and relevant today” Guy Grimsley : Global Insight Manager AkzoNobel

“The wonderful thing about Giles’ brand stories is that it doesn’t matter whether or not they are true, altered, exaggerated or amended – what makes them so powerful is the intrigue and surprise.  On reading the ‘stories’ I felt I was being educated about the true meaning of brands and entertained at the same time.”  Katy Mousinho : Head of Insight & Customer Experience Thomas Cook

“Giles’s new book is a superb collection of marketing tales that will educate, inspire, entertain and help you live with your brand happily ever after.” Paul Walton : CEO & Fonder Strategic Leaps

‘Strong brands increasingly reflect strong cultures that are enriched and empowered by the stories they tell. This is a unique and bite-size collection of some of the best stories told by a great storyteller’ Stephen Meade : CEO McCann Enterprise

“A consummate feat of edutainment. Every marketer should read and enjoy this book.” Mark Scott : CEO Cello Group

“The moral of every story is immediately applicable. A good read with valuable lessons. Christopher Satterthwaite: Chief Executive Chime Communications plc


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