About Giles

About Giles

Giles is a VW Beetle driving, Lego watch wearing, Disney loving, Chelsea supporting, father of five who also happens to be Chairman of The Value Engineers. He is author of three previous marketing related books – Brandwatching, Researchwatching and Adwatching (all published by Blackhall Publishing, Dublin).

He has worked in advertising, market research, design and corporate identity but his (work related) heart belongs to the brands that he has had the opportunity to work on, many of which are included in The Prisoner & The Penguin.

During his career he has somehow managed to win two IPA Advertising Effectiveness Awards and an AMSO Research Effectiveness Award

Giles’ primary areas of specialism are brand positioning, brand architecture, brand extension and innovation.  His occasional title is Director of Deviancy as he is also a champion of new and disruptive thinking.

If you have enjoyed his stories or have a story to share please contact him and you never know perhaps it will be included in volume two.