Where every good storyteller should eat?

Where every good storyteller should eat?

I heard about a new(ish) eaterie in Southwark called Restaurant Story.

As the name suggests they aim to tell a story through their dishes – and with every dish.



The menu offers the choice between 2 tasting menus – a 6 courses (‘chapters’?) option or a full 10 course tasting menu.

The cuisine has been described as ‘naturalistic British’

Head chef is Tom Sellers who has had stints at some of the most critically acclaimed restaurants in the world – Noma, The French Laundry 

Their websites pitches it as…. 

We have created a personal journey through food, which has been crafted and inspired by the journeys of others and ourselves. 

Our dream is to inspire people to take their own journeys – creating stories not just of food, but of everything that has played significance and holds a memory. 

We see food as our story books and want our guests to share this story, leaving their own stories with us along the way. 

Our dream is for all guests to leave a book at Story, which will remain there to evoke the inspiration in others that we hope our food will evoke in you. 

We look forward to sharing our stories


Sounds like somewhere I should visit

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