Proudly named

Proudly named

Recently a colleague of mine posted a lovely little blog about two alcohol brands using storytelling in their advertising. I particularly like the one for Fuller’s London Pride. The blog is well worth a read and you can find it here

The full copy of the Fuller’s ad is in fact a short story, it reads

“In the 50s we created new ale. Rich, smooth and wonderfully balanced. 

We just needed a name. 

There was no twitter back then, but we asked around London for suggestions all the same, and one in particular was inspired.

A flower. But not any old flower. 

‘London Pride’ (or Saxifraga x urbium to be precise). 

A tough little perennial that grew during the Blitz, covering the rubble like tiny beacons of hope. 

A homage to the city’s indomitable spirit, and a fitting name for our ale.

So thank you London”


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