The old rascal

The old rascal

This week a story courtesy of a bottle of cider, in particular the label on the back of a bottle of Thatchers Old Rascal.

It reads 

Legend has it that every night, under the cover of darkness, a wily old fox crept out of his den at the bottom of our orchard and tiptoed his way to the cider store to help himself to fresh supplies.

No matter how hard we tried we just couldn’t keep the fox away from his favourite tipple.

You’d regularly hear the cry “The Old Rascal been at it again” and so the name “Old Rascal” was born

Short and, like the cider, medium sweet. Whether or not it’s true or a little piece of whimsy developed by the old rascals at Thatchers doesn’t really matter, as either way it’s a tale that helps build the personality of the brand.


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